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What is this?

TiGde.info is a free mobile or cellular phone tracking service. You can detect location of mobile phone, smartphone or tablet PC of any mobile operator in any region and get cellular subscriber location on the map (geolocation).


We respect the privacy of our users, so we do not store any personal information such as user name, surname, telephone numbers, etc. on the server. The only information sent from a mobile device to the server is an identifier and coordinates of the mobile device.

How much?

You can track as many devices as you want absolutely free. But you may be asked to pay for some additional features.

How does it work?

Mobile application for Android


You install a simple lightweight application on mobile phone or smartphone, which you want to track. The app detects device location and sends it to tigde.info server. Then you enter your private area on the site tigde.info and track the device. As simple as it can be.

Install tigde.info Pro

Features: location detection, calls list, audio recording.

Install tigde.info Lite

Features: location only.


After app starts you will be asked for email address. Input correct email address which you has access to. On this email tracking link will be sent. Follow the tracking link and enjoy having device located.

Also you can use our Telegram-bot: @tigdebot. You can use device tracking (mobile phone location), zone alarms, and audio loading.


Frequently asked questions

Why the accuracy is so poor?

If you are in the room - satellite coordinates location (GPS) does not work. Therefore, the location is determined by the cellular stations (CS). In this case, the accuracy of the positioning device can range from a few meters to a kilometer or more. But the highest accuracy is when GPS-receiver is turned on and the device is outside.

How can I setup timezone?

You can setup timezone from your Private area settings (timezone settings).

Still questions?

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